Care in Cornwall are the South West’s leading care service provider.We can help with almost all of your elderly care requirements.We have two key areas to our business, firstly we provide a home care service for the people who need help at their home, secondly we have a wonderful nursing home to house the elderly people no longer able to reside by themselves.











“Nice to have this facility in St Just so that many of the local people who have lived here all their lives can spend their last few years close to home.”

“Friendly, family atmosphere.”

“Nice, friendly home.  Excellent care given to the residents!  Good staff.  Good entertainment and good home cooked food.”

“Great place to work.  People good and food good.  Lovely atmosphere.  What more can I say!”

“Having worked for large, corporate companies for the last 25 years it is so refreshing to work for a small, privately owned business.

Working with the elderly folk at Benoni not only rewards you with real job satisfaction but it also boosts your own self worth.

Wonderful to find Employers with a genuine heart that truly care.”


“Oh, it’s wonderful, the staff are so lovely.”

My Mother and Father both passed away at Benoni having lived there for several years.  As Benoni was such a big part of my life I still visit periodically to receive a pedicure from the visiting chiropodist.  I also receive regular invites to attend all social activities that are being held as well as Christmas Day lunch.  A true home from home for which I will be eternally grateful.”  

My Auntie, who suffers with dementia, was initially turned away from one home but within several months as a resident at Benoni the friendly, laid back atmosphere has had a remarkable calming influence on her.  It has been the perfect choice.”

“As soon as I came through the door I knew this was where I wanted my Dad to be.”

“We always feel like this is our home too.”


“Well, I didn’t want to come at first but, ohhhh, it’s a lovely home!  The staff are wonderful and I am treated like the Queen!  Benoni is my home now.”

“I feel like this is my home and I’m staying here.  My cat loves it too.”

“I’ve lived here for three years and have been very comfortable.  Staff are co-operative and the food is very good.”

“Settling in quite nicely.  Staff are very good.  It’s nice to look round and know that I’m alright and being well taken care of.

“Well I kicked up such a fuss at first.  I wasn’t staying, you know.  Now, I really like it.”

“Oh, I’m not leaving!  Good staff.  I’m very well looked after.”

“Can’t find no sore points with it at all.  If you want anything they get it for you.”

“Martin’s my favourite!  I love it when he brings his guitar in and we have a sing-song.”

“Lovely, my handsome!  That’s it…..just lovely!”


“I’m so glad Mrs X had a chance to come here and be so well cared for.  When I think of the dreadful state she was living in at home then look at her now, it’s amazing and so encouraging.  Well done Benoni!”